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Archery Contest Winners!

captorvating Mod posted Feb 15, 17

The results are in and you guys all did amazing! Here are our winners:

First place goes to ginnypearl with an overall score of 92 points, She has won 250 berries and a chest full of treasures!

Our second place winner is Awwwsumness with a score of 82 points, she has won 175 berries aswell as a chest of treasures!

Lastly, we had a tie for third place! Our two third place winners, Syn and Omega, tied with a score of 69. They both have won a chest full of treasure!

Congratulations to our winners and thank you so much to everyone who came to the event, it was a blast!

-The BerryCraft Staff Team

Let Cupid's Arrow Fly

PeriwinklePetals Admin
PeriwinklePetals @ play.berrycraft...
posted Feb 9, 17

Hello Berrians!! On February 14th at 8pm EST, we will be hosting an archery event! The event will be held at /warp archery. 

First place prize will be 250 berries and a kiss from a fair maiden.

Second place prize will be 175 berries and a chest full of treasure.

Third place will receive a chest full of treasure.

Hope to see everyone! :p